Save Money,
Improve Cleanliness

Save Money,
Improve Cleanliness

Eliminating paper towels saves you money as well as improves cleanliness and hygiene in restrooms.

Dries Hands Quickly

Dries hands in only 9-13 seconds using jet blasts of air on each side of the hand, considerably faster than other high-speed models.


Eliminates the cost of labor and supplies of daily paper towel restocking. When used 200 times per day, it pays for itself in one year, saving about $1,700 and 1,000 pounds of waste annually.*

Energy Efficient

Jet Towel technology strikes the optimal balance between airspeed and volume for greater drying efficiency. With their heaters turned off, units use a maximum of 730 watts of energy, up to 50% less than conventional dryers.*

Quiet Operation

Minimize disruption with units that operate as quietly as 56 dB, the sound level of an average conversation.

Clean & Hygienic

Completely touch-free drying includes airspeeds that avoid blowing users' hands against unit walls while removing germs from their hands. Innovative drain tank and antimicrobial additives inhibit bacteria growth.

User Friendly

Hand-drying areas are spacious and include wide top and side openings to accommodate people of all sizes. Airspeeds are kept to a reasonable level for comfortable drying.

*Data recorded from Mitsubishi Electric product testing.

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